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Singita Ebony Lodge

Singita Ebony Lodge rests in the shade of ebony trees on the banks of Sand River, at the center of Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. Singita Ebony Lodge is a timeworn colonial retreat where ethnic craft merges with colorful fabrics and antiques.

The glass & brick suites at Singita Ebony are spaces of quiet contemplation, where silence and solitude is measured by the harmony of the ancient forest and savannah beyond. Singita Ebony Lodge is the epitome of the colonial luxury safari home experience, combining simple refinement of traditional Africa to define the wonder of the wild.

South Africa, as a country with diverse cultural and cosmopolitan influences, inspires the unique cuisine at Singita Ebony Lodge, where a unique and comprehensive wine cellar complements each meal.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve: South Africa's Sabi Sands is world renowned for its diversity and concentration of big game, featuring broad, open savannah, adorned with acacia thornveld, rocky outcrops and riverine forest.

Herds of buffalo and elephant, large prides of lion, majestic leopard and antelope by the thousands make the 18 500 hectare Singita Private Game Reserve, at the heart of the Sabi Sands, one of the finest locations for viewing the Big 5 anywhere in the world.

Early morning game drives; afternoon into spotlit evening game drives in open Land Rovers; guided bush walks, seasonal and community tours.

Singita Ebony Suite - Private Pool
Singita Ebony Suite - Bath

The seasons at Singita

April to June
Cold temperatures are experienced at night and at dawn during the winter months. Large herds of elephants start moving back into the area. The vegetation becomes brown and trees start losing leaves. Visibility during drives is enhanced due to sparser vegetation. The N'wanetsi River becomes a major game attraction

July to September
This period is very dry in the bush with very cold night temperatures and therefore chilly during the early morning and late afternoon game drives. Game viewing is generally fantastic as the visibility is good and the game is concentrated around any water source.

September to October
Spring is the height of the dry season boasting hot dry winds and colorless, sparse vegetation. Because the rivers and dams are low, high concentrations of game can be viewed at these areas and game viewing in general is very good. The first rains may start towards the end of October and the signs of spring and a new wet season are evident.

Notes from the Ranger's diary (2006):
"The cat viewing has been better than usual. The female leopard that holds the territory along the sand river to the west of the lodge has provided us with some great sightings as she shows off her two young cubs. The female that holds the territory around the lodge has been ever present providing very consistent viewing.

There have been no less than 8 different cheetahs seen at Singita recently. A female and 1 cub and a female with 3 cubs have been almost resident on Singita improving our cheetah sightings drastically. The new young impala have fallen prey to this super fast predator with a number of thrilling hunts been witnessed by lucky guests.

The rhino sightings as always, have stayed good with a few sightings every drive. A notable sighting occurred one afternoon drive when two adult bulls were seen having a territorial battle. The aggressive physical contact continued for hours until one bull gave in and walked away leaving one winner and one loser but both with notable cuts and gashes."

Singita Ebony - Lounge
Singita Ebony - Dining