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North Island Lodge, Seychelles

North Island Lodge, Seychelles Your private dect at North Island INTO BOTSWANA.COM - LUXURY SAFARI OPERATOR

North Island Lodge

North Island is one of the forty inner granitic islands of the Seychelles, often considered to be the most beautiful on Earth, offering a rare sanctuary for guests seeking a gorgeous, unspoiled tropical haven on a large private island. With four pearl white beaches located at each end of the compass, North Island is able to offer a year-round tropical beach and island experience. There are only eleven, beachfront handcrafted luxury villas on the entire island, each constructed to create a sensorial experience in surroundings of understated elegance. The new North Island Spa, perched high above the beach with stunning views of the ocean, specializes in personalized holistic treatments to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Activities include surfing, mountain biking, gym, guided walks, snorkeling, fishing, boating, sea kayaking, and scuba diving.

Elements of design and style in the villas epitomise the concept of barefoot luxury. Below are some of the Villa facilities:

A luxuriously proportioned master bedroom with change-room and writing area leads onto a large en-suite bathroom with marble bath and two showers, one indoor and one outdoor. The bedrooms are air-conditioned and all rooms have overhead “punkah punkah” fans. The fully retracting sliding doors allow for uninterrupted views onto the lawns and the turquoise seas in front of each Villa. There is satellite television, a DVD/CD system and Internet access. The kitchen leads off the lounge/dining area. A private plunge pool and sala are the finishing touches in this private sanctuary.

The cornerstone and major influence in the design of the Villas is to ensure that guests really enjoy spending their time in their Villa, if they so wish.

North Island  is a sanctuary where natural habitats have been rehabilitated and where  critically endangered  Seychelles fauna and flora  has been re-introduced and given a place to regenerate.

On this beautiful island, an exclusive luxury lodge has been built. Where possible, materials reaped from the rehabilitation process have used and in doing so, particular attention has been paid to capturing the true essence of North Island, a rare experience in harmony with the environment.

In siting the Villas, North Island placed Villas 1 to 9 discretely in the tree-line, facing onto Anse d'est Beach. Villas 10 and 11 are completely unique in their siting. Their layout has been designed to accommodate the incline along the extreme northern side of the Anse d'est Beach and they are secretly tucked away in the Takamaka forest. The beach views from these Villas are truly spectacular from every angle of these units and it is this, together with the unique manipulation of the design, which separates these two remarkable Villas from the rest. Villas 10 and 11 are referred to as Villa Royale and Villa North Island respectively.

The development on North Island is aimed at providing the very best in privacy, location, accommodation, services, facilities and experience. The villas are exquisitely designed to celebrate nature and offer an authentic home-from-home ambience. The result is a special destination that touches the lives of guests and inspires them long after they have left.

Your suite at North Island
North Island suite, view of the ocean Lounge at North Island Seychelles

North Island Dive Report - Oct 05

"All this happened at the beginning of October and, to cut a long story short, the Activities Team at North Island, against all odds and perils, found Bird Island in the north-west! Just two hours away, the island’s positioning is the closest we get to the “Drop Offs” in the inner Seychelles Islands. For a diver, this is just about as good as it gets! Underwater cliffs like mountainsides descend to unbelievable depths and, of course, life is bigger here! Needless to say, the dive was spectacular and the fishing is good too! A very large Marlin decided to come and play a little, struck a few times, was even raised to the surface but, after some time, let itself go. Surfing is also very good there. Waves about two to three metres high with perfect “point breaks” could be seen out on some of the shallower reefs. After having a bite to eat on the island, the guys made their two-hour trip back north. Other exciting sightings for the month of October included that of a Bull Shark, which swam in close enough for four snorkellers to see, and an impressive number of Grey Reef sharks, seen off the south side of North Island on three dives. Then there were the turtles! There is a dramatic increase in turtle numbers all around the island with tracks being seen almost every day. A new dive site off the north-east point of North Island has officially been added to our dive site list and is well positioned for long drift dives. Various kinds of reef rays are always seen there, as it is quite flat on the bottom with large gaps of pure white coral sand. Further on, huge coral heads scatter the seabed, attracting interesting creatures. Some of these corals measure three to four metres high and are home to many different kinds of reef fish, eels, softer corals and small sharks."

North Island Dive Report - Jul 05

"July’s diving, although not calm and clean all the time, has been excellent in that the life on the various dive sights has been, and is still, rich and plentiful. The vast amounts of marine animals seen are mostly due to the huge increase in plankton, jellies, hydroids, sprats, etc, which are especially very many in number this year. The visibility, in contrast, has been low, averaging 10 metres. We experienced 4 whale shark encounters this month, making that 10 seen this year already! We are all learning more and more every year about the very distinct cycle, which is seen and experienced first-hand by all those diving and snorkelling.

Surfing and body boarding has been great because of the constant swell and good surf conditions. We have had quite a number of guests trying it out for the first time, with supervision, coming back exhausted but hooked.

Regardless of the more challenging conditions, we have completed a few good dive courses for the month, turning our guests’ initial apprehension into excitement. Some have commented that previous ‘bad experiences’ in SCUBA diving were turned right around into a positive one by the dive team on North Island, opening up their minds again to furthering themselves in diving."

North Island - Turtle hatching
Kayaking on North Island
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